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A new immunotherapy treatment for childhood cancer is producing stunning results in young patients—and hope for families all over the world. Welcome to Strong Against Cancer, a team effort that includes doctors, nurses, researchers, hospitals, companies, and people like you who are supporting this medical breakthrough.
The treatment is complex and technical, but also pretty simple to explain. Blood is withdrawn from a patient. In a specially developed manufacturing lab, technicians re-program the blood’s T cells. These cells, which previously didn’t recognize cancer cells as a threat, are trained to attack enemy cancer cells. When re-introduced into the patient’s body, the T cells recognize there are bad cells in the body and they multiply rapidly, seeking out and destroying cancer cells – without harming normal, healthy cells, and without the negative effects of radiation and chemotherapy. We have the science. We have the success – we are currently at 91% complete remission rate for patients with relapsed acute lymphoblastic leukemia. All we lack are the funds to bring this treatment to more young patients. Every donation makes a difference. Please make your gift today!
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